Created a WordPress site for the the series of Church2Church Walks in Warwickshire.

The walks start at St. Andrew’s Church, which is in the centre of the old market town of Rugby on the eastern side of the County. The Walks offer 156 miles of walking in some of the most beautiful areas of Warwickshire and finish at St. John the Baptist Church, which is the centre of the old market town of Henley in Arden on the western side of the County. All the churches on the Church2Church Walks are in the Diocese of Coventry.

In a busy fast moving world it is not always easy to find places to be still or to have the time to just be quiet. Discovering a haven of tranquility on your walk can be both refreshing and invigorating and in churches and churchyards across Warwickshire there are many such hidden places of peace; for rest, reflection, remembrance or prayer. Churches are also full of history, with wonderful craftsmanship and are a valuable part of our countries heritage.

Many of the churchyards on the walks are also places of special wildlife interest.

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